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April 2010
What's New in Google Earth?

Earth View in Google Maps

New! Earth View in Google Maps
We're pleased to announce that Google Earth's stunning 3D buildings, imagery, and terrain are now available in Google Maps! Simply go to and click the Earth button to explore the world in 3D from your browser. To learn more, watch our video and read our posts on the Official Google Blog and the Lat Long Blog.

Biking Directions

Biking Directions and Earth View
Get fit and go green by trading in your driving directions for biking directions. With our new Earth view, you can now see if you'll have to climb any hills along your route. And just around the corner is May, which is National Bike Month, so scope out your ride and hop on your bike to prepare for Bike to Work Day in your area.

Green Buildings 3D Tour

Green Buildings 3D Tour
In honor of Earth Day, we put together a special Green Buildings 3D Tour. So-called "green" design and construction take into account energy efficiency, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, indoor air quality, and other factors. When you download this tour (Earth logo), make sure you have Google Earth 5 installed and the "3D Buildings" layer turned on. For more info about the ways people are using Google tools to make greener buildings, visit the Google SketchUp Go Green site -- it's inspiring!

Hope Spots Tours

Hope Spots Tours
Our Ocean Showcase now has two Hope Spots tours for you to dive into! Hope Spots are 18 special places around the world that are critical to the health of the ocean, the blue heart of the planet. And Sylvia Earle's Mision Blue Foundation is dedicated to increasing the awareness of and protecting these areas. You can watch these tours and many more on the Ocean Showcase, or you can download tour 1 (Earth logo) and download tour 2 (Earth logo) to explore further in Google Earth.

Hubble Telescope's 20th Birthday

Hubble Telescope's 20th Birthday
In case you missed it, on Saturday we celebrated Hubble's 20th birthday with a Google doodle. We also teamed up with the Space Telescope Science Institute to share our 20 favorite Hubble images. You can browse those images on our webpage, see them in our video, and fly to their locations in space by downloading this tour (Earth logo) in Google Earth. Learn more.

News from Google Earth Outreach

News from Google Earth Outreach
This month, Google Earth Outreach takes a look at two stories. First, a round up of recent Google Earth Outreach participation at two conferences in the U.S. Next up, we'll look at the Google Earth Outreach Developer Marketplace -- a list of developers who offer their expert services to organizations wishing to develop their mapping tools. Please read more.

New and Updated Imagery

New and Updated Imagery
New and updated imagery was added to Google Earth this past month, including a large amount of bathymetric data along the southern coast of California. We also added new, high-quality 3D buildings for New York City in Google Earth. Take a look at these changes and many more (marked in red) from our update post here, or view this file (Earth logo) directly in Google Earth. Don't forget you can use the View -> Historical Imagery option to see imagery choices through the time slider.

Where in the World?

Where in the World?
Can you find where this feature is in Google Earth? Click the image above for a larger view. See if you can be the first person with the correct answer here. Here are a few clues:

  • This country's constitution has been amended 27 times.
  • This state is nicknamed "The Lone Star State".
  • Should E.T. ever visit our planet, the entrance signs to this town would be most appropriate for 'him'. See if you can find them in Street View.
Note: Please avoid posting spoilers anywhere in the Google Earth Community. We'd like as many people as possible to enjoy the quiz.

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Other Updates

Imagery for Current Events
During the past month, Mother Nature has once again shown she can provide devastation and beauty in tandem. Two very different natural events have affected thousands of people around the world. Learn more about how Google Earth has helped connect people with information related to the earthquake in China and the volcano in Iceland.

New iGoogle Themes
The iGoogle team recently launched 25 new themes designed for the world traveler in everyone, and two of the themes include imagery from Google Earth. Be sure to check out the 3D Views in Google Earth theme and the 3D Cities in Google Earth theme.

New Case Study
Learn how Solar Consolidated Technology has used Google Earth Pro and Google SketchUp Pro to find the best locations for Solar panels on homes.

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