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The United Nations estimates that three billion people now use the Internet. They use it to learn, to explore, to spark revolutions and have sandwiches delivered. The openness of the Internet, which has undoubtedly led to the greatest expansion of knowledge and opportunity in history, cannot be something we take for granted. In fact, it is routinely under attack.

Many people have a stake in the Internet as we know it. Developers, in particular, put the most work into the digital economy—and developers have the most to lose. Policy and politics, for all their problems, matter in ways we can’t imagine. Sure, lawmakers and judges have great intentions, but they might not always understand the technologies they are regulating.

That’s where you come in. It’s up to developers and stakeholders to share their knowledge and demand public policy that is intelligent, ethical and productive.

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Protecting Openness and Innovation

We believe that innovation depends on free, open and interoperable platforms. Those fundamental assumptions of the Internet—that people can exchange information in a common language across borders—have empowered developers to create things of mind-boggling power, beauty and wonder.

It would be a tragedy for shortsighted policymakers to impose the kind of barriers, slowlanes and firewalls that we’ve been hearing more and more about lately. The Internet was designed to survive a nuclear assault, but it is nonetheless vulnerable to other forms of madness.

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You can't do business on the Internet or mobile devices if people don't feel safe.

Recent discussions about weakening or breaking encryption don’t just worry us because they represent a dangerous precedent, but also because they makes the public more vulnerable to criminals who want to intercept our credit card transactions or medical records.

As developers, you’re on the front lines of this fight and are in a unique position to act on behalf of the users who have placed their faith in you.

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