Encryption is under attack.

The stuff we keep online deserves to be protected—just like our stuff offline.

Encryption helps keep the web safe and secure for all of us.

Just as an envelope prevents anyone from reading a letter while it’s traveling through the mail, encryption stops snoopers from viewing the content of your emails and searches, and prevents hackers from getting access to your sensitive information.

Data encryption protects us all. But governments are making it hard to keep your data safe.

Some governments are trying to make encryption look like the bad guy rather than acknowledge that encryption keeps us safe from those who want to do actual harm.  These governments want to restrict encryption and, even worse, force companies to build secret “back doors” that would allow governments to access private user data without any oversight or accountability.

A secret “back door” doesn’t stay secret for long, and will inevitably be compromised by the real bad guys.

In circumstances where law enforcement needs to access user data, it should happen through the front door—by getting permission from a judge and using traditional, successful, time-tested legal processes, like warrants.

Encryption keeps our data safe. Yet governments argue that they ought to be able to snoop whenever and wherever they choose, so long as it happens to be online.

Plain and simple, this attack on encryption is government overreach. Let’s remind our governments that the stuff we keep online is as valuable to us as what we keep offline—and it deserves the same level of protection.

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